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The Winner Of The 2010 Award Winning Webs Award Is:


Under the direction of CEO Paul Richard Hauke, BA MBA, IFFPF MEDIA has been chosen for it's research , contributions and trend setting applications in the profession of Internet and Digital Marketing Web Design. As an award winning and leading Digital Marketing Agency, located in New Jersey, IFFPF MEDIA has designed, implemented , and consulted on more record setting web sites and internet social media marketing campaigns than any other competitor. With web site growth as high as 50,000. %.

Paul Richard Hauke, BA MBA , CEO has successfully built numerous multi million dollar businesses throughout the United States, has been featured on the front page of the Wall Street Journal, and continues to build IFFPF MEDIA into a multi million dollar internet and digital marketing powerhouse. Mr. Hauke is the founder of the Monopolize Your Marketplace (R) sales system, used worldwide, and has a free blog for those who like to get acquainted with the Monopolize Your Marketplace (tm) sales system

IFFPF MEDIA maintains a blog about digital marketing, search engine optimization, and social media secrets and tips. The site is maintained by the very best Social Media and Digital Marketing Experts Worldwide. All blogs are current and relevant to the Digital Marketing World. All digital marketing professionals are invited to participate.

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